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I Got A Sewing Machine... How Do I Use It!!??

Let's talk about the wonderful sewing machine!! In this video, I will show you the basic ins-and-outs of a sewing machine! Great sewing instructions for beginner sewists.

Brother Sewing Machine: https://amzn.to/2RgVAWI (affiliate link)

FREE patterns here - http://bit.ly/freesewingpdf

Join our sewing community here - http://bit.ly/eamgroup

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xmichelle : Just ordered this online! Can't wait to use it! Thanks for the video! :)
Alondra Oceguera : Great video straight forward
Steve Stambaugh : Nice Video and I just noticed it was posted on my birthday lol
Quirina Schmidt : just got mine exactly the same and I'm learning about it this video helps me a lot thank you..
Barbara Mendicino : Thank you. I just bought this machine and your video was very helpful. Great video !

Gertie's Top 10 Sewing Tips for Beginners and Self-Taught Sewists

All the things I wish I'd known when I started to sew! To support my channel, join my Patreon at www.Patreon.com/GertiesWorld.
Jim Brittain : You're never gonna see this (the video is month old), but this wa great. I wish I'd learned this stuff months ago, when I was even newer than I am now!
david lopez : Hey just wanted to let you know I subscribed to you a few weeks ago and it unsubscribed me for some reason.
hamster-hands244 : “Instead of the CHEAP plastic machines that your going to find at the chain stores”

Me with my brand spanking new Brother:

I’ll def make the investment when I get better at it. PURRR!
Fox & Sage : This was soooo informative and satisfying to watch
Anahí Apcay : She: omg my sewing machine is so old fashioned
Me: my sewing machine dosen't even have a backstitch function or a zigzag stitch

DETAILED How To: Thread the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Hey guys I know this is random lol but I wanted to make a very detail video on how to thread this sewing machine bc there wasn’t one when I was looking for it, hope your guys enjoyed !
Kitty Gritty : THANK YOU!!!!! I tried 4 times and gave up(I "followed the directions"). So I tried YouTube. You saved me from tossing my new machine out the window. You're the best!
Ziv : Thank you ma’am. Have a great day.
Mind Ya Business Metria : Girrrlllll I have been up for hours trying to figure this out‍♀️! Your video just saved my life cause I was determined to learn!!! Every video I watched was doing it the wrong way which is why I couldn’t get it! I loved your content, it was very detailed and informative!!! Keep up the good work love!!!
memphistim2001 : Thank you!!! So much better than the official video.




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