[LG SIGNATURE at CES 2021] The Great Moments in Las Vegas

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“The great moments in Las Vegas”

LG SIGNATURE delivers memorable showcase at CES 2021 by combining the magic and majesty of Las Vegas with its artistically inspired products in carefully curated online exhibition.

With the theme of The Great Moments in Vegas our virtual showcase for the all-digital CES® 2021 is set to capture the imagination of ‘visitors’ from around the world. Pairing our latest, premium products with suitably stunning scenes from Las Vegas, the LG SIGNATURE’s exhibition pays tribute to the distinctive character of the city that, in any other year, would play host to the annual event.

Explore our products at CES virtual show : https://www.lg.com/global/exhibition/signature.html
Discover our full story at CES : https://www.lg.com/global/lg-signature/brand/art-culture/ces-2021

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