LG Signature 65" OLED65R1PUA 65R1 Rollable 4K OLED Smart TV …

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ThinQ A1, LG’s Artificial Intelligence employees Voice Control to command Google Home and or Amazon Echo.
» Improved motion resolution with “Black Frame Insertion.” Thanks to LG for adding this feature to the user menu!
» New Built-in Fine Art Gallery Collection, great feature when you are not watching TV content.
» SpectraCal Auto calibration w/36000 points of calibration for the best possible picture quality. (check out our video)
» Prevent image retention \u0026 burnin w/”logo luminance adjustment.” Static image examples that cause image retention:

Still images that are displayed uninterrupted for several hours without changing the content, such as channel numbers, station logos, program titles, subtitles, fixed menu

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